Welcome to The Injury Specialists, Georgia’s largest medical/legal network. We are unlike a traditional referral program or medical financing model.

Since 2006, our “Business to Business” concept has been revolutionizing the way healthcare providers and attorneys are able to refer injured clients to each other.  This is done through the industries only web portal digital platform. Our one of a kind technology allows the user to easily manage the treatment of patients with a user friendly platform. This gives you 24/7 access to our medical facilities to refer patients to avoid gaps in care or delays in treatment. 

Not only can physicians and attorneys network with over 300 website profiles, but our technology also allows law firms to retrieve on demand medical records. With over a decade of technology built on a website platform, we have continued to be innovative in our approach to simplify the medical-legal relationship.

As a user to our network, you will have your own dedicated Account Manager and access to our client-services team.  They are there to assist you with issues that may arise with scheduling patients, to issues with receiving timely medical records.

The Injury Specialists network is setup like a managed care model, but specific for trauma.   Law firms and physicians work within a network with a common goal to not only help patients, but to collaborate with other professionals that share a common goal.  When you are accepted to our network, you can expect to receive new patients-clients from referral sources that have never worked with you prior.  This is only achieved through the longevity and relationships established by The Injury Specialists since 2006.

The Injury Specialists from its inception has been built on integrity and morality to ensure confidence amongst the network users. All attorneys and health care providers working with us are vetted and trained to ensure a seamless process is achieved. 

As a doctor owned company, we have taken over 40 years of medical experience and relationship building to a new level.  We seek medical providers with the highest of integrity and seek professionals that are not viewed negatively by the insurance industry.  Our goal is quality healthcare, with better outcomes.

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The Injury Specialists Team

“I want to thank you for exposing me and my firm to The Injury Specialists. I recently had an outstanding result in a soft tissue case that I would like to share with you. In the case at bar, progressive was the liability insurance company with a policy limit of $25,000. As we all know progressive is not the most generous insurance company, however the case ultimately settled for $13,000! That was more than half of the policy limit on the soft tissue case!  During the case settlement negotiations the adjuster advised me that based on the quality and thoroughness of the medical records and treatment notes progressive was willing to give us full consideration for the medical bills. It was because of The Injury Specialist platform and customer service that they helped us to get the best outcome in this case.” 

-EK attorney Atlanta Georgia