Where Advance Fees End in 12 Months… It’s That Simple.

If you have experienced the horror stories of your clients gaining a pre-settlement advance of $5,000 only to owe $17,000 by the time the case settles, rest assured, that does not and will not ever happen with Capital Financing.

Four years ago attorneys that were members of the Injury Specialists asked us if we could help to offer a much needed financial solution for their clients. They were watching many good, hardworking people, injured in an accident out of work and out of money after paying for their hospital bills seek out a cash advance by funding companies only to pay high, compounding interest rates. By the time their case settled, they owed money and a lot of it.  This jeopardized the relationship with the attorney and their client. It was stressful and heart wrenching for everyone involved.

We studied the industry and the needs of the attorneys and clients and came up with a simple solution that is not offered anywhere else.  Terminating fees after 12 months and flat, capped payment schedules.  

This means you know going in the final fee because even if the case takes two years to settle your client will pay fees for 12 months and nothing more. No one in the industry can do that or say they do that.

*If the case meets the terminating interest requirements.

Mission Statement:  Being Fair and Reasonable is Our Pledge to Your Clients

Working with Capital Financing = More Money for Your Client at Settlement


The Capital Financing Difference:

After years of watching legal financing companies in this industry grow rapidly, the institution of Pre-Settlement Funding has created significant challenges for law firms. We speak daily with law firms that urge their clients not to take a settlement advance against their case due to the issues it will create at settlement.

In our opinion, we cannot agree more with your philosophy even though we are in the business of advancing money for lawsuits. Capital Financing should be your client’s last resort when they have no other options.

Often times, however, many clients are truly faced with catastrophic financial barriers and when there is no other option but to take a cash advance, why should your client ever pay more for the same money? We believe in honoring the client, this is why we are transparent in our pre- settlement funding approach. When your client needs funding, let us be your trusted partner so they can get the help they need.

One contract to review. One company to trust. Your time is valuable- don’t waste it!

Call Capital Financing FIRST so your client can take more money home from settlement!


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