Our entire day is surrounded and enhanced by technology.  As many of us wish we had a world with less technology, I think we all would agree that it can make us all more productive.  In 2006, Dr. Wax and Dr. Golden had envisioned a world of connecting health care providers with other health care providers along with the legal industry.  The Injury Specialists technology platform was conceived after years of hosting the nation’s largest personal injury and worker’s compensation seminars both in Atlanta and Orlando.  It also allowed for chiropractors to find reputable law firms to represent their patients after a personal injury. 

Today, our website technology is the only platform of its kind that is similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, where it connects health care professionals across all disciplines, law firms, imaging centers, hospitals, and surgery centers across Georgia.  It allows patients to receive medical care that would otherwise not be possible. Our website portal is easy to use and allows the guest to have a positive experience.  The technology allows physicians to refer to other physicians that is virtually impossible in any other manner used today.  When patients don’t have health insurance, how will the neurologist refer to the neurosurgeon?  The answer is, they don’t! 

All medical providers, law firms, and imaging centers, are conveniently listed on our web portal.  Their profiles are easy to understand and enables your staff to quickly learn about other partners to our program. Referring to health care providers, imaging centers, or law firms has never been easier.  There is less stress on your staff and more time spent on more productive work activities than searching for days for a doctor. 

The Injury Specialists is our name and technology is our game. Our one of a kind website portal allows for easy uploading of medical records, access to referrals, medical records retrieval, advertising of your business, and notices of upcoming educational events.  Our technology platform allows the user to easily search for physicians, imaging centers, and law firms, all through our modular system.

The user can search by city or specialty of the health care provider, while also searching languages other than English that our providers speak. The user may select an appropriate imaging center for their client or patient.  They may search by location and services offered at that specific location.  All searches take 30sec-1min to complete.   Law firms benefit greatly with their ability to locate the appropriate providers without worrying about delays or gaps in treatment.   Medical staff may easily locate the best provider for the patient without having to worry if the practice accepts a particular insurance or if the patient doesn’t have health care coverage.   

The Injury Specialists program has changed the way law firms and medical providers manage medical care by using technology.  With over a decade of helping Georgia residents, we have solved a critical problem commonly experienced in the Personal Injury and Workers Compensation industries.