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Since 2006, The Injury Specialists has been connecting Physicians, Attorneys, Chiropractors, Specialists, MRI centers and Hospitals, all working together to best manage and treat injured patients. Within this network, our members achieve better outcomes, better reimbursement, better referrals and lasting relationships for ongoing practice success.

Working With The Injury Specialists Has It’s Privileges

How You Will Benefit

  • Access to the industry’s ONLY medical/legal software platform.
  • Access to hundreds of vetted physicians across Georgia.
  • Access to find and locate a qualified provider within seconds cutting staff time searching for physicians and imaging centers.
  • Access to your own account manager that provides valuable solutions that are traditionally a challenge for law firms to resolve on their own.
  • Access to our medical retrieval service (FREE), coordination of care, troubleshooting, and seamless medical management of clients.
  • Solutions to the issues of receiving medical records in a timely fashion.
  • Access to choose the medical providers that are best fit for your client’s needs.
  • The ONLY program that provides physician to physician capabilities allowing law firms to keep a hands off approach of referrals.
  • Access to our technology interface that works similar to Facebook or LinkedIn allowing you the freedom to explore and learn about attorneys, providers, and imaging centers.

Our #1 Goal is to provide a trusted network of like minded peers that are dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality care and service to injured clients. Together we are able to successfully build each other’s business, offer outstanding care and bring trusted solutions to the injured client for optimal outcomes.

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If you are looking for a reliable way to work with more injured plaintiffs and trusted injury professionals so your law practice can grow, The Injury Specialists can help.

  • Each year in the state of Georgia, more than 130,000 personal injury cases are reported.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor, 78,000 non fatal, workers compensation, employee injuries occur each year in the state of Georgia.
  • The Georgia Highway Safety Reports over 120,000 non fatal, auto accident, motorcycle and truck roadway injuries each year.
  • Add on slip and fall, accidental household injuries, pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice and you will quickly realize that there are several hundred thousand injured people each year alone in the state of Georgia in need of care.

These are real numbers, impacting real people, many of which are under-insured or uninsured and in desperate need of quality personal injury care. From attorneys, doctors, chiropractors, specialists, surgeons and advanced diagnostic care centers, our platform provides access the solutions the injured party needs.  

This is why, since 2006, the Injury Specialists have been the leader in business to business medical injury networking in the state of Georgia. We make it easy for you to gain a wide range of high quality personal injury referrals to your practice from hundreds of top providers in our network.

But Wait- Why Join Our Network When Other Groups Are Free? 

We are not a medical funding company, but rather, a true medical network. You have to be asking: what’s the catch? Here’s what you need to know.  They only work with uninsured clients which limits the amount and type of case referrals you can receive.  You will not be in control of your case because you have to wait on them and their system. This means uncertainty regarding timely access of records, doctors, case fee management, with limited access to specialists and advanced care centers. This can end up impacting the case while costing you and your client time and money. 

The Injury Specialists is a membership only network that gives you the platform, team and injury solutions without limitation so that you and your team can succeed.

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Deliver the Care that Injured Patients Need. Gain a Steady- Trustworthy Stream of New Injured Patients to Your Practice. Be a Part of the Leading Referral Network that has helped over 50,000 injured people get the care they deserve.

Find Out More About Georgia Personal Injury Cases and Read More on Georgia Injury Law:

Title 51 of the Georgia Code provides more information on a wide range of personal injury cases. For information on motor vehicle accidents and insurance specifically, see Title 40.

How a Personal Injury or Car Accident Attorney Can Help You:

If you have personally been involved in an accident or injury, working with an attorney will help to protect you and your case. Often if a person has suffered serious injuries, an Injury Specialist Attorney may be able to file a lawsuit to claim additional compensation beyond what is provided by insurance claims.

Because our Injury Specialist group includes hundreds of the top professionals from across the state of Georgia, you can be sure to receive the care and support you need. From doctors, specialists, attorneys and even imaging centers, our team works together on your behalf to ensure that you achieve optimal results in your case and care.

If you have been injured, don’t wait to receive the care you need, it can affect your case, contact us to be connected with a top Injury Specialist in your area today.