If you are a Surgeon that is looking for a trusted, reliable way to build your practice with quality patient referrals, the Injury Specialists can help you. 

Each year , according to the CDC, more than 199,800 people die from injuries – that’s 1 person every 3 minutes. But these deaths are on the tip of the iceberg. Each year, millions of people are injured and survive. They are faced with life-long mental, physical, and financial problems.

  • 2.5 million people were hospitalized due to injuries in 2014
  • 26.9 million people were treated in an emergency department for injuries in 2014

These are real numbers, impacting real people, many of which are underinsured or uninsured and in desperate need of quality care. Personal Injury is a real issue with many victims in need of doctors, chiropractors, specialists and surgeons.

In the past, caring for injured patients that are either underinsured or uninsured has posed many challenges for doctors and specialists of all types.  


  • No funding for care which causes the doctor to have to take on all of the risk and work on a lien limiting the amount and type of services available.
  • Negative experiences with law firms or the attorneys that represent the injured patient leaving doctors hesitant about getting involved with personal injury care.
  • A high level of uncertainty and distrust due to bad reputations and no quality control to really know who are good attorneys and doctors.

  • A poor referral network where a doctor is able to confidently send an injured patient to the right doctor or specialist that will provide excellent care in a timely fashion.

Too many unknowns have made it easier to sit back and just say no to offering personal injury care, but is this really the right decision for you?

Personal Injury care is essential for the patient and it offers a reliable reimbursement source to the doctors that deliver the services in a professional and appropriate manner.

Now imagine for a moment that you could gain access to a trust source of injury specialists. A group that has all been vetted, peer reviewed, and fully assessed to deliver the highest standards of Injury Care.

Consider what it would be like having hundreds of the highest level professionals available to you in 30 seconds or less… Attorneys, Doctors, Chiropractors, Surgeons, Specialists and Diagnostic Care Centers that are all a part of your Injury care team.

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The Injury Specialists is a company owned by doctors that struggled with these exact challenges.  It was out of struggle that the solution was born.

A Trusted- Vetted- Network of Injury Specialists Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists, Attorneys and Diagnostic Centers that all work together to obtain the best outcomes.   Our doctors enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being a member:

  • As a Specialist or Surgeon Member, you will never take on the financial risk of working with an injured client. Our special in house financing ensures that the patient gets the care and the specialists and surgeons get paid for their services delivered.
  • You receive your own concierge service member there to aid in any and all aspects of patient support care from medical record retrieval to coordination between doctors, attorneys, funding and specialists- all in one spot.
  • You will gain access to our financing solutions which lower your fiscal risk. Depending on the case and your specialty type this offers payment vs. lien and if you choose to work on a lien, being a member means your bills are protected when you work with attorneys that you can trust.
  • Our digital member portal makes it easy with a simple click for a referral to occur in 30 seconds or less. When you need to refer out for additional or timely care for your patients, the network is here to make it easy for you. Whether you need to refer patients for additional care beyond what you offer in your practice or need a trusted attorney or imaging center to support your patient, the network offers you direct access. Get the referrals you need in 30 seconds or less giving you confidence and peace of mind that your reputation is protected and your patient is gaining the full support they deserve.
  • As a member, you will gain direct access to law firms that value and respect your professional fees and the professional relationship. This means they protect your bill because you mean as much to them as the client- you are all on the same team, part of the same trusted network.
  • As part of The Injury Specialists Network, you have a team at your fingertips so you get the support you need and your patients  receive the help and care they deserve.

Prior to accepting new members, each of our applicants are evaluated from the level of care given, records kept, reputation in the industry, level of trust and integrity and strength of the business.  We take the risk out so you can on board with ease into the leading Injury Network in the state.

Our #1 Goal is to provide a trusted network of like minded peers that are dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality care and service to injured clients. Together we are able to successfully build each other’s business, offer outstanding care and bring trusted solutions to the injured client for optimal outcomes.

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Deliver the Care that Injured Patients Need. Gain a Steady- Trustworthy Stream of New Injured Patients to Your Practice. Be a Part of the Leading Referral Network that has helped over 50,000 injured people get the care they deserve.