We are proud to offer to our Injury Specialists members a cost effective targeted way to build, grow and market your practice with our online Injury Doc platform.

Owned by doctors, we are working for you, our fellow doctor. At Injury Doc, our mission is to help you, the specialized Injury Doctor gain a steady stream of qualified accident or injury patients. We save you time and we do the marketing for you from a trusted source that pre- qualifies the patients to ensure qualified cases come to your practice.

With over a decade of experience building and referring injury cases to doctors, chiropractors, physicians, surgeons, imaging centers, hospitals and attorneys, we can help you build and grow your practice.

Why Doctors Choose Injury Doc:

  • Trusted Client Referrals
  • Low Cost, High Return Marketing Solution
  • We Save You and Your Team Time and Money by doing the front end work for you.
  • Personalized Customer Service to Help You and Your Team
  • Seamless hand-off from our customer service call and scheduling center to you and your staff for appointment set up and confirmation.
  • Our Doctors are Trusted by the Top Injury Attorneys for More Referrals
  • Injury Education. We deliver the best educational modules that will help you and your team properly notate your patients care for higher claim reimbursement.
  • We are doctors, supporting doctors. This means we understand you and are here to support you with over 20 years of injury care expertise, let us help you grow your practice by being listed on Injury Doc today.


We are currently offering special enrollment rates for our Injury Specialists doctors.  The first 90 days for only $90 dollars. Each additional month at only $199